Need an annual inspection, advice on what type of mooring to install, mooring maintenance, or how to go about purchasing or selling a mooring?

We can help with a number of mooring services including:


We are Authorised Mooring Contractors for Parks Victoria and undertake annual inspections in line with their requirements to ensure mooring tackle is in a safe and serviceable condition. If you’d like us to inspect your mooring, we have a pre-filled form, ready to send to Parks Victoria: click here.


We specialise in the installation of all mooring types including ‘Swing’, ‘Deadweight’ and ‘For and Aft’. We manufacture our own mooring products to ensure each mooring system is tailored to your vessel and environment, and we prioritise local materials and suppliers for all our products.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our team are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and tools required to undertake repairs and maintenance on any mooring system.

Purchase & Sale

We can help you locate an existing mooring to purchase, identify an appropriate location for a new mooring, or assist to sell an existing system you no longer require. We can also provide you with a Condition Report to guide valuation and determine life expectancy of any existing moorings.