BYS Wave Screen (2016 – 2017)

In 2016 Ægir Divers began the rebuild of the Eastern Wave Screen at Blairgowrie Marina on the Mornington Peninsula.

Approximately 250m of wave screen was replaced with cypress timbers, a Grade 2 Hardwood with a high resistance to Marine Borer (AS 5604). Each section of the wave screen removed was promptly replaced to negate both wave action and tidal flow, ensuring continued protection of the vessels within the marina.

Throughout the project, Ægir Divers worked closely with local recreational scuba business, ‘Dive2U’ in a combined effort affectionately dubbed ‘Operation: Sponge-Bob’. Prior to the removal of existing timber, dive teams relocated 1000’s of various sponges and ascidians and literally glued them onto the newly installed timbers. This project ensured the habitat was preserved for all of the marine life that call Blairgowrie Marina home.

Ægir Divers also recovered a section of the old wave screen which showed the diversity of marine life and this section is now on display in the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium.