Mooring Ground Boundary Inspections

As a PARKS Victoria authorised mooring contractor, Ægir Divers are in the process of trying to improve systems and designs of existing moorings that will benefit not only the users but also the environment, all while making the cost of maintenance lower and the service life of moorings longer.

Urgent Call Outs

During periods of winter storms, Ægir Divers are on standby to assist with urgent marine services. We do what we can as soon as we can to reduce the risk of damage to vessels or environmental impact.

Fouled Propellor

Aegir Divers responded to an urgent call out from a ship which unfortunately caught a berthing line around its propellor during vessel movements. The line was quickly removed and a subsequent inspection of all turning gear was completed to ensure no damage had occurred.  

Vessel Demolition

In 2018 Ægir Divers salvaged an eight tonne timber vessel that had sunk in the Williamstown mooring ground. The vessel was surveyed and deemed to be unseaworthy and subsequently demolished by our team of Wharf Carpenters.


Wharf Inspection and report

We work closely with our clients and engineers to gain a complete understanding of scope and delivery of accurately based information. Understanding what our clients require will then give us the direction we need to fulfil our roles as inspection divers onsite.

Wave Screen – Panel Installation

Above and below the waterline, Ægir Divers work alongside engineers in designing, fabricating and installing specific marine components that suit the application and reduce maintenance periods.


From Queenscliff to San Remo to Sandringham, we’re out there and under there…!

We are increasingly receiving requests for our services further afield. As a result, Ægir Divers are now offering Annual Mooring Inspections & maintenance for registered PARKS Victoria moorings throughout Westernport, Sandringham and Queenscliff mooring grounds in addition to our established services in southern Port Phillip & Flinders.

Professional, timely & honest workmanship above and below.

Wave Screen – Repairs and Maintenance

During the winter months of 2018, Ægir Divers completed numerous repairs to the large Marina Wavescreen.

These repairs included:

  • Underwater welding
  • ‘Broco’ thermal lance metal cutting
  • Various hydraulic power tools
  • Epoxy void fills
  • Bolt replacement with specific Torque tension
  • Removal of broken 30mm Ø high tensile bolts from panel ferrules; this required specialized and custom built tools to enable our divers to very accurately drill multiple holes in a very tight work space. Once these holes were successfully drilled into the broken bolts, another specialised tool was used to remove the last of the broken bolts.

Vessel Salvages

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Seabed Sampling – Webb Dock, Port of Melbourne

Seabed Samples were collected from our commercial vessel ‘Torden’ at Webb dock, in the Port of Melbourne during January 2018.

Our 3 point anchoring system allowed for accurate positioning at all predetermined locations. This system also allowed for minimal movement of the vessel whilst sample activities were underway. Scientists utilised various instruments to collect these samples down to depths of 10 metres. Recovering these instruments from these depths was made effortless thanks to our onboard machinery and stable platform.

Communication and shipping movements were kept up to date with the local controlling authorities and the Master 5 onboard ensured that all safety aspects were monitored.